Key fundamentals lock the collective in! - OXFORD INTERIOR DECORATOR: BEC PRIZE AWARD WINNER - CITY & GUILDS Advanced Craft Qualified!

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Key fundamentals lock the collective in!

Rooms are like people in a sense. They're individuals looking to work in harmony with other individuals. Each room has its own gift or architecture, purpose or function, and resources like space and lighting. It's important as a designer to help these individuals synergise. Strong principles should lead every room, and foster a spirit of togetherness. Key fundamentals should lock the collective in. Personality or colour, can help to shape the identity of the individual room and its rightful place in the community or home.

If your room has a quirky figure, or some oppressive or expansive characteristics, these idiosyncracies or distinctions can be disguised or enhanced using colour.

Light colours often celebrate in sizeable rooms, dancing with abandon, expanding freely in wide open space.
Intense colours like to cosy up in smaller rooms. Deeper bases love intimacy.

Harmonious colours support one another and usually enhance architectural features.
Stark contrasts look vital and spirited, but less relaxing, and any hustle of the hues can make a room feel smaller too.

It's a great thing, to have diverse personalities under one roof, desireable even. But it's essential that they all passionately follow the same rules and share a common end goal. That's good leadership, by design.

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